How to Fully Adopt and Adapt to Microsoft 365 – E-ZU FastTrack

How to Fully Adopt and Adapt to Microsoft 365 – E-ZU FastTrack

What Does Technology Adoption Really Mean?

OK so you may have heard that ADOPTION is critical when introducing new technology in the workplace, and (as Adoption Specialists) we completely agree, but to help understand why… what does adoption actually mean?

Technology Adoption: The acceptance, integration, and all round utilisation of new technology within the workplace.

This means that truly adopting new technology isn’t just about deploying it into the workplace from a technical point of view – it’s not just an IT project. It requires a change in end-user behaviour, to adapt to new tools and working practices. When heads of departments and end-users are actively engaged, a technology transformation project is much more successful.

Why it’s Crucial to FULLY ADAPT to Microsoft Office 365

In it’s purest form, Microsoft Office 365 is all about reaching the ‘Modern Workplace’, which is evolving at a lightning speed. 365 is specifically designed to enable your organisation to embrace this borderless workplace of the future. A successful adoption of Microsoft 365 breeds creativity, innovation, and business growth, through a digital transformation that will touch every part of your organisation.

Did you know? According to a Frost & Sullivan report, organisations can boost their workplace productivity by up to 400% by successfully adopting cloud collaboration technology.

Today’s workforce is becoming increasingly diverse and mobile. Successfully providing that workforce with the digital means to collaborate, communicate, and create (any time and anywhere) helps to foster a culture of success that makes work inspiring for everyone – all whilst ensuring your organisation avoids supressing talent or getting left behind.

Did you know? According to Forrester Research, 80% of millennials say workplace technology influences their decision to join a company?

Why Do Most Organisations Fail to Achieve True Adoption of 365?

According to an MIT study, 78% of executives believe that upgrading their systems and applications is critical for their organisation’s ability to maintain a competitive advantage. However, 63% also said their organisations are slow to adopt new technology.

One of the main reasons why companies fail to achieve full adoption of new technology is a lack of planning. We know from experience that both Technical Readiness and End-user Readiness must go hand-in-hand when successfully adopting any new technology.

You need to ensure you are implementing the right technology in the right way, but equally you can’t just expect employees to take on the challenge of integrating a new tool into their working practises by themselves.

Did you know? According to Microsoft Usage Analytics, 56% of all Microsoft 365 business licenses are being under-utilised in terms of their full value potential.

OK… So How DO You Fully Adopt Microsoft 365?

E-ZU Solutions is a trusted Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider with over 14 years’ experience. We pride ourselves on being Microsoft Office 365 Adoption Specialists – helping organisations maximise the potential (and significantly improve their workplace adoption) of Microsoft cloud services, and the key applications and workloads within the, even if you’re already using another Microsoft provider to buy your licenses.

1. E-ZU’s FREE FastTrack Services

E-ZU’s FastTrack Services enable you to finally make the most of Microsoft Office 365 thanks to FREE hands-on Guidance, Tools, and Assistance from E-ZU’s certified FastTrack Consultants.

It’s a proven process to drive the enablement and adoption of 365. There’s no catch, we’re supported by Microsoft as their trusted partner, and a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with over
14 years’ experience. Even if you purchase your 365 licenses from another Microsoft partner, you do not have to switch providers or transfer any licenses to benefit from E-ZU’s FastTrack Services. You can maximise what you’re already paying for within Microsoft 365 at no cost to you.

Our FastTrack services are designed to provide proactive, hands-on assistance and guidance to help you rollout, onboard, and drive adoption of the above applications and workloads within Microsoft 365 (based on the needs and objectives of your organisation).

You’ll have access to 40+ experienced & fully-certified Microsoft consultants (made up of highly accredited architects, technical leads and delivery consultants) along with a dedicated FastTrack Manager who will be on hand to help you define and implement your Microsoft 365 adoption road map.


2. E-ZU eLearning Management System – End-user Training

As we’ve reiterated throughout this blog, Technical Readiness and End-user Readiness must go hand-in-hand when successfully adopting any new technology, and that’s an ethos we live by here at E-ZU, where it forms a blueprint that runs through every service we offer.

That’s one of the reasons why we provide the comprehensive E-ZU eLearning Management System to help drive the enablement and adoption of 365 by empowering end-users with over 50,000 “self-service” training video clips.

Did you know? Most employees initially don’t want to move to new technology being rolled out – 80% of end-users admit they would rather stick with their current communication tool of choice.

Successful adoption of new technology requires behaviour change, which is something that humans naturally resist – it’s perfectly normal behaviour that needs to be addressed.

However, the extent that end-users resist change varies – this is called the Diffusion of Innovation curve, which can help you understand the different perspectives on innovation and enable you to plan a smoother implementation.

It suggests that people’s willingness to adapt to innovative technology falls can be divided into five groups of people:

1) Innovators (2.5%) – The first to move, most excited about new technology – they can learn how to use it and be able to teach other employees about it.

2) Early Adopters (13.5%) – Curiosity is piqued when they see the innovators using something new – they show interest in new systems but aren’t as eager as innovators.

3) Early Majority (34%) – People in the early majority will be willing to jump on board and work collaboratively to develop best practices.

4) Late Majority (34%) – People in this category will resist the implementation and will not embrace change until they see proof that it works.

5) Laggards (16%) – These individuals will resist adopting new technology until you start punishing them for not using it.

Did you know? The E-ZU eLearning Management System can help boost an organisation’s Microsoft Teams usage by up to 600%.

The E-ZU eLearning Management System offers a comprehensive eLearning library that provides your end-users with all the guidance they need to adopt Microsoft Office 365 with over 50,000 up-to-date training videos. The clips offer an on-demand, “self-service” approach to learning and you can customise your own gamification and learning paths to ensure you’re providing the right assistance, to the right teams, at the right time.

There’s a confidence that comes when learners are able to adapt quickly and improve their knowledge base. No matter what their current skill level, our platform provides the support and tools they need to succeed and thrive.

Its benefits include boosting productivity, saving you time and money, enabling your users to adapt to new technology quickly and effectively with training programs created by Microsoft MVPs.


5 Reasons to Choose E-ZU Solutions as Your Preferred CSP Partner

Reason #1

We’re Specialists in Microsoft 365 Adoption (THIS BLOG POST)

Reason #2

E-ZU Offers True Flexibility as the Key to Stability

Reason #3

A Mature and Robust Provider with Top Customer Satisfaction

Reason #4

Our Consultants are Experienced and Knowledgeable

Reason #5

We’re 100% Customer Obsessed in Our Vision and Mission