How E-ZU Can Help Ease the Financial Burden of Covid-19

How E-ZU Can Help Ease the Financial Burden of Covid-19

Release Capital by Recouping Cash from Your Upfront IT Purchases

As the Coronavirus lockdown begins to lift here in the UK, the financial effects of the pandemic are still in full swing, and could continue to be for the medium to long term. There’s no doubt that the economy has been hit hard, and the uncertainty that follows is causing significant financial difficulty for many businesses all over the world.

With all that said, we want to help our customers in as many ways as we possibly can throughout these unprecedented times…

E-ZU Solutions Ltd has introduced a leaseback scheme for our customers (and any other organisations) that may have recently purchased equipment from a supplier, using capital expenditure rather than a finance facility, and may now regret that decision due to unplanned cash flow shortages.

Aid Your Cash Flow Almost Immediately

Our Leaseback scheme lets us help you recoup cash from your recent IT purchases, enabling you to get back the upfront costs you may have already made. We can buy back your recent purchases and finance the equipment back to you to spread your payments over time.

Releasing capital from existing items of value (such as IT equipment or hardware) gives organisations the opportunity to use that recouped investment for a variety of purposes; including business acquisitions or simply providing extra working capital to aid cash flow.

You can receive funds back into your organisation almost immediately, with the initial outgoing cost being replaced with smaller, more manageable, periodic payments.

How Does it Work?

We’ve tried to make our leaseback offering as simple and beneficial as possible, so purchases within the last 3 months qualify for 100% re-finance, but older assets will also be considered – taking depreciation into account and subject to meeting credit criteria. There is a minimum hardware value requirement of £1,000 but there is no maximum hardware value limit whatsoever, we can go to any value (subject to credit), with each situation being considered on an individual basis so we can try to help as many organisations as we can.

Once leaseback is agreed, the funds can be transferred to the customer within 72 hours of the approved paperwork being submitted.

Repayment terms are typically 3 years (and to be paid by Direct Debit on a monthly or quarterly basis), however, longer terms can be considered depending on the asset.

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