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Advanced Email Threat Protection (ATP) Vs. Traditional Email Security

Modern Cyber Attacks are Bypassing Traditional Email Security Modern cyber attacks are evolving at a faster rate than ever before, not only in terms of sophistication, but also in the[…]

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3-2-1-1 – The New Standard in Backup and Recovery

“3-2-1” Backups Are NOT Reliable in the Age of Ransomware Most people in the world of IT will be familiar with the old “3-2-1” backup strategy, which had become a[…]

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Ransomware Prevention: The Biggest Impact for the Least Cost

The Foundations of Ransomware Survival Every 11 seconds an organisation is hit by a successful ransomware attack (Cybersecurity Ventures ‘Annual Cybercrime Report’), and 2021 has smashed all previous cybercrime records,[…]

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