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Training Your Remote Workers to Use Microsoft Teams to its Full Potential.

As a trusted Microsoft CSP with over 14 years’ experience – E-ZU’s expert consultants will spend 45 minutes helping you learn how to train your remote workers to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams (and everything else Office 365) following the astonishing rise in the number of people working from home.

We have no intention of whipping up a fever or giving you a hard-sell, instead we’re offering 60-days Free & Unrestrcted Access to our advanced eLearning Portal for Office 365, intended to help as many organisations as possible to have one less headache to worry about in these trying times. 

When is it?

Thurs 14th May – 3pm (BST)

The webinar is free and will be hosted online by E-ZU’s Office 365 experts…

Steve Anthony – 14 years at E-ZU
Office 365 Business Development

Kent Kirby – ClipTraining
V.P. of Partner Development

Feedback From Our Previous Webinars:

“Great webinar. The engineer went through things in a very easy to understand way at a good pace. It has certainly given me a lot to think about for my upcoming cloud project.”
Shaun C. at Geotechnical Engineering Ltd

“The webinar was very helpful and had a nice relaxed feel about it, no pressure selling. excellent. Thank you.”
Stephen S. at Our Lady’s High School

“The engineer was engaging and extremely knowledgeable about the product. The presentation was relevant and interesting.”
Matthew B. at Sense Scotland

Blended Learning for Microsoft Teams

Teams is the fastest growing application in Microsoft history, and Gartner predicts it “will soon be as common as Outlook”.

Utilising cloud collaboration like Teams can boost productivity by up to 400% according to a recent Frost & Sullivan report.

If you want to maximise your investment in Office 365, then your workforce needs to be using Teams to its full extent. Technical readiness and end-user readiness must go hand in hand, and that’s where our TEAMS TRAINING is designed to help…

Onsite Training Workshops

Our workshops have a 96% Satisfaction Rating on Trustpilot across 180 reviews

Our tailored, dynamic training workshops are designed to help you fully embrace the game-changing benefits of Teams. Each session provides hands-on education for up to 10 key stakeholders across your organisation, helping to transform them into your Microsoft Teams ‘Champions.’

Advanced eLearning Platform

Up to 600% increase in Teams usage after our eLearning portal is introduced

Our self-service eLearning platform has over 5,000 training videos that cover Teams and all aspects of Office 365. It is specifically designed to help your staff and overall workforce adapt to new technology quickly and effectively, helping to achieve unbeatable Return on Investment (ROI).

Two Great Providers Have Joined Together to Meet Your Training Objectives

E-ZU Solutions Ltd is a trusted Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider with over 13 years’ experience. We’ve teamed up with the highly accredited specialist training provider ‘TrainingU’ to provide training of the very highest quality…

“The standard of resources provided, and the face to face sessions delivered, was excellent. We have never [had] a learning & development project that was as fully blended as this before.”
Carolyn Oxley | HR Manager – The Big Lottery Fund

Training Your Users to Adapt to the Full Potential of Teams and Office 365

A recent survey from Gartner concluded that: “there’s a baseline of value to switching to the cloud, but the real value comes when you start changing your work processes to take advantage of Office 365 to its full extent”.

The successful adoption of new technology requires behaviour change.

That change can be daunting, even for the most innovative organisations, but it doesn’t have to be difficult…

Our ‘blended learning’ training is designed to help your staff adapt to Teams quickly and effectively.

We know from experience:

Changing behaviour. Helping to change the working practises of your end users is crucial in your “journey to the Modern Workplace”.

Learn from each other. Learning from co-workers (we call them Champions) is one of the most effective ways to adopt new technology.

Heads of departments matter. When heads of departments are engaged, the transformation project is more successful.

Setting targets is key. A well-defined set of operational targets is a key component to successful transformation.

We realise there are hurdles:

Most employees don’t want to move to new technology rolled out by their organisation.

80% of end users admit they would rather stick with their communication tool of choice.

This resistance to change is a normal human response that needs to be addressed.

Launching a new technology is more than just a technical migration.

Technical readiness and user readiness must go hand in hand.

Crash Course in Office 365

Get Your Free E-ZU Book Whilst Stocks Last

As a trusted Microsoft CSP with over 14 years’ experience, we’ve utilised our considerable expertise to write the definitive guide to how the Microsoft Cloud can help you grow your business.





Recent Office 365 TrainingU Projects

DLA Piper

– 8,000 employees worldwide.
– Migrating to Office 365.
– Providing training for 140 2nd Line Support staff in London and Poland.
– Created a suite of online learning resources.

Tokio Marine Kiln

– 1,500 employees across London and Europe.
– Migrated to Windows 10 and Office 365.
– Provided end user training, floorwalking and Excel specialists between Oct 2018 – present.
– Created bespoke videos and documentation.

Cheshire East Council

– 3,500 employees.
– Migrating to Windows 10 and Office 365.
– Providing classroom training for Champions and Service Desk staff.
– Providing floorwalking to support end users within main deployment.