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E-ZU eLearning Management System 

An all-in-one cloud solution built to inspire cyber-security awareness and fuel workplace productivity. Our next-generation platform delivers tailored, up-to-date training content across a range of business-critical topics, via an extensive course library of over 5,000 videos, and the ability to add your own custom channels and content.

It’s simple to use and comes packed with powerful tools to manage training and track development, to increase learner engagement (with in-built gamification), and build a sense of community across your workforce – all under an affordable per-user/per-month pricing model.



up-to-date training videos designed to increase staff awareness level and improve workplace adoption of new technology.


reduction in “how to” related help desk calls and requests on average, after deploying the E-ZU eLearning Management System.

Drive the Enablement & Adoption of Microsoft 365

The E-ZU eLearning Management System was designed to provide a complete, simple-to-use online training solution that covers all aspects of Microsoft Office 365, Windows, and the entire Microsoft suite – driving adoption whilst increasing workplace productivity and security awareness. Courses include:

Microsoft Teams training (4h 05m, over 85 lessons)
+ similar courses for every app within Microsoft Office 365, and even legacy versions of Office
Windows 10 Essentials (2h 35m, over 40 lessons)
+ more courses on Windows 10, and even legacy versions of Windows.
End-User Security Awareness (1h 11m, over 12 lessons)
+ more on security incl. Identity Theft, Social Engineering, Human Firewall Strengthening, & more.
Successfully: Work from Home (26m, over 4 lessons)

Crash Course in Office 365

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