Your E-ZU Customer Account Review

Like a Car MOT…

The E-ZU Customer Account Review is an important yearly practice to make sure all the solutions and services you purchase from E-ZU Solutions are still in good shape.

COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE – Our Account Reviews help us to keep your best interests at heart, forming an integral part of our service to you as one of our highly valued customers.

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Workplace technology is evolving quicker than ever before, enabling us to significantly improve your Return on Investment (ROI) in the vast majority of our Account Reviews, 25% of which even result in substantial cost savings to our customers!

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Each Account Review lasts 20-30 minutes. They are entirely driven by your ongoing needs and expectations, but we always aim to:

– Ensure your Return on Investment (ROI) is being maximised

– Highlight valuable technology additions or feature updates within your existing solutions from E-ZU.

– Uncover and help resolve any pain points or cyber threats you may be facing.

– Identify potential savings on your future licence renewals.

“The Account Review performed by E-ZU was refreshing and left us feelig genuinely cared for. The E-ZU staff were knowledgeable and informative, and I would definitely recommend to other E-ZU Customers.”
Matt Chambers – Network Manager, Bryanston School.







E-ZU Customer Testimonials

South Wales Fire & Rescue

E-ZU has delivered by far the best Customer Support I have experienced to date. Communications were prompt and friendly. We were able to find a cost-effective solution quickly and at the right price bracket.

M & H Plastics

Customer service and dedication does not get better than this. I would highly recommend the team at E-ZU to anyone looking for a solutions partner, they have the knowledge and service that leaves the competition standing.

The Entertainer

The knowledge of E-ZU’s staff smoothed the presales and setup processes, making them straightforward and professional. Their honest and forthright guidance on product options in the early stages was especially refreshing.