E-ZU are proud to be able to offer a variety of value-add services which make us stand out from the crowd. We don’t just “box shift” products, our engineers and professional sales team work with you to ensure you’re purchasing the correct solution for your environment, which we’ll assist you with in a variety of ways if and where required:

E-ZU Professional Services

  • Comprehensive Support Packages
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Risk Analysis & Network Audits
  • Bespoke Migration Services
  • Solution and Services Planning
  • Security Consultancy
  • Bespoke Training Solutions

Our highly trained and certified engineers are able to provide onsite installation and/or pre-configuration services for the entire E-ZU product portfolio. This work is mostly carried out by in-house certified engineers with years of experience within the network and security arena. Integration with existing infrastructure or entire network and security refresh projects can be planned and implemented from project inception to completion. In addition, our engineers are available for troubleshooting, diagnostics, support or on-going maintenance work on existing infrastructure.


What our customers say about E-ZU…

We’re all extremely proud of the service we offer here at E-ZU, we think it’s brilliant, but please don’t simply take our word for it. Take a look at some of our customer feedback…

ICT Security Engineer – South Wales Fire and Rescue Service:
“E-ZU has delivered by far the best Customer Support I have experienced to date. Communications were prompt and friendly. We were able to find a cost-effective solution quickly and at the right price bracket. I absolutely MUST offer praise, thanks and appreciation to the assigned engineer, who has been tremendous during the transition from old to new system. His patience is astounding; his technical competency is highly above what we’ve come to expect and what’s more he is very friendly and supportive. Even after a plethora of e-mails he remains customer focused and ever-ready to assist. If he can’t assist, he tells you why and offers an alternative means of assistance. All this with a smile and warm approach. It’s a rare treat to come across someone like this having worked in ICT for 8 years and dealt with a multitude of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line-Support Engineers whose service, in contrast, doesn’t compare”

Information Security Manager – Aintree University Hospitals NHS Trust:
“The staff at E-ZU were excellent at not only identifying the operational needs of the Trust, matching our needs to an appropriate solution and also in adopting a flexible approach to the Trusts requirements. The deployment of the Clearswift solution has enabled the Trust to implement a granular access policy that matches the operational requirements whilst requiring the minimum resources to manage”

IT Support Executive – POSSIBLE:
“The staff at E-ZU were there every step of the way to help us make the right choice and helped with all our question’s efficiently and effectively. After installing the Barracuda Backup device it has helped ease our stress by knowing that if a catastrophic failure on the network occurs we have a good backup plan. Knowing the data is stored on the Barracuda cloud allows me to sleep easier”

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Our clients say we are:

Friendly | Supportive
Knowledgeable | Honest
Efficient | Helpful

E-ZU has delivered by far the best Customer Support I have experienced to date. Communications were prompt and friendly. We were able to find a cost-effective solution quickly and at the right price bracket.
The E-ZU staff's honest and forthright guidance on product options in the early stages was especially refreshing.

I would recommend E-ZU...

Technical support and sales staff at E-ZU were very willing to go that extra yard to help us achieve our goals by offering up enhancements and fresh design ideas. Excellent experience and a pleasure to deal with.
Both post and pre sales, the technical chaps at E-ZU have been fantastic. Everyone involved at Codemasters agrees that they bring a benefit above what the product vendor provides on its own.
The team at E-ZU were very helpful, guiding us to the right unit for our needs. Very little technical support was required but what we did need was dealt with swiftly.

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