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5 Reasons to Choose E-ZU as Your Preferred Microsoft CSP

Whether your organisation is right at the beginning of your journey to Microsoft Office 365, or perhaps you’re already well under way and now it’s about which direction enables you to make the most of Microsoft 365 on your ongoing voyage in the Modern Workplace, it can be difficult to know what makes a good…
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Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model

It is crucial that you have robust backup and recovery in place for Microsoft 365 because 365’s native backup functionality is offered only as part of a Shared Responsibility Model.​ While Microsoft does an excellent job at taking care of the infrastructure for Office 365, it’s a misconception that they also take care of your…
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8 Reasons You Need to Backup Office 365

1. Office 365’s Recycle Bin is NOT a Backup Solution The Office 365 recycle bin is a handy tool but it is not designed as a backup solution, and it doesn’t work as one. For one thing, its 93-day email retention period is inadequate for most policy and regulatory compliance. For another, restoring lost files…
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