E-ZU eLearning – Induction Tips #3 – Gamification

E-ZU eLearning – Induction Tips #3 – Gamification

We’re offering 14-day free access to the E-ZU eLearning Portal for up to 100 staff members to any organisation that needs it.

This series of blog posts is designed to provide users with a few handy hints and tips on how to make the most of the free access period.

Our free service includes full, unrestricted access for up to 100 users/staff members within an organisation, and there is no obligation to purchase anything thereafter. The free access offers a fully-featured service that contains in-depth training courses for Microsoft Teams, the entire Office 365 platform, and much more – across 5,000 up-to-date training videos.

Induction #3 – Hints & Tips for Achievements and Gamification

This third Induction blog post contains contains a video all about the in-built achievement and gamification system in our eLearning Platform, along with more information about the User Level system, and all the details about our offer of a £20 Amazon Gift Card from E-ZU for the first user (in each organisation taking advantage of our free 14-day service) to reach ‘Professional’ level.

‘My Training’ Dashboard – Overview

1. A Summary of Your Training: This includes your Time Savings, Skill Increase, Total Lessons Viewed and Courses Completed.
2. Assigned Training: View your assignments and easily navigate to the details to complete the training requirements.
3. Achievements: Most recent achievements including your Award Level and most recent digital medal. Click View All to be taken to the Achievements page for additional details.
4. Active courses: Quickly navigate back to your current training and continue making progress.

Achievements (Gamification) – Overview

1. Leaderboard: See the top “players” in your environment and where you rank amongst all learners.
2. Award Levels: As points accumulate you will reach milestone ranks that include new titles and level badges (from Competitor on up to Guru).
3. Trophy Cards: Click a card to see the prerequisites. Once you complete all of the items, the card will light up signifying you’ve earned it!
4. Completion Cards (not pictured): A course completion card is shown for each individual course. When you watch all the lessons, you’ll get a check mark. Pass the exam you’ll get another check mark. Do both? The card will light up!

Please Note: Points earned by watching lessons, taking quizzes and passing exams will only be added one time. If you watch a lesson twice, you’ll only get points for the first time. Same goes for taking quizzes and exams.

We’ll help you gamify with a £20 Amazon card from E-ZU…

Everybody loves to level up. You’ve trained hard, you deserve a little digital badge in your life. For every lesson an end-user watches, they get points. Take a quiz, you get points. Pass an exam, get a lot of points. As you do all of these things you will qualify for all sorts of digital achievements and badges. The E-ZU eLearning Platform has five training levels that an individual user goes through on their journey from ‘Competitor’ all the way to ‘Guru’ – which is when you unlock enough points and achievements to reach the final level.

To help get you started and ensure your users are maximising the eLearning portal during this free 14 day service, we’ll send a £20 Amazon Gift Card to the first user within your organisation to reach the ‘Professional’ Level. Don’t worry it’s only stage 2/5 and you should be able to reach it by completing the Microsoft Teams training course and exam! All you need to do is email us at [email protected] once one of your users has hit 500 points to reach Level 2 (Professional), and we’ll do the rest to ensure they receive their £20 Amazon gift card.

We highly encourage internal (friendly!) competition to help drive the adoption, usage, and ROI of the technology your organisation is implementing, so we recommend you come up with your own internal rewards/competition system (using the eLearning portal’s in-built achievements, badges, and user reports) to continue to drive adoption and get the most out of your training. 70% of end-users report that the gamification rewards within our platform increase their desire and efforts to learn new technology and improve their skills.

Want to Ask Our Experts a Question?

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Our free service includes full, unrestricted access for up to 100 users/staff members within an organisation. There is no obligation to purchase anything thereafter, no credit card information is needed, and no auto-renewals of any kind.

The free service offers a fully-featured service that contains in-depth training courses for End-User Security Awareness, the entire Office 365 platform (including Microsoft Teams), and much more – across 5,000 up-to-date training videos. We will also provide free set-up consultation with one of our technical consultants to make sure your users can take full advantage of the training that matters most to your organisation. Find out more about the E-ZU eLearning Portal

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